and Society Entertainer, 31 Gladstone Street, Westbro', Dewsbury.


Magician and Correspondent for Magic, 186 Rydal Mount, Hightown, Manchester.

Y O L R A Y, Juggler, Conjurer ^ and Clown.—6 Hart's Place, Goosegate, Nottingham. Agent, Lemare, Manchester.

Glasgow, November ist, 1900. Mr. Ellis Stanyon,—Dear Sir,—I am very well pleased with the result of my advertisement in October " Magic." Seven replies to date, and all good ones. With best wishes.

Yours truly, Paul Heber.

Norwich, November nth, 1900.

To the Editor.—Dear Sir,—I have already had answers to my advertisement in November "Magic" and thereby deduce that your paper is a good advertising medium.

Yours very truly, Prof. Peroc.

T^OR SALE, Hiam's Flower Pots, Japanese Trays, Passe Passe, Changing Vase, Illusions, Ariel Suspension, Eastern Costumes, Oriental Costumes, etc. —Moody, Rushden.

The Modem Magician,

American Mystifier,


T^OR SALE, Nickel Casette for Vanishing Handkerchief ; complete, post free, 6/-, cash with order. H.Stevens, Bedford Villa, Tavistock Rd., Plymouth to advertisers.

If your advertisement appears in Magic it will reach those who want what you can supply.

The Circulation of Magic is guaranteed.

Magic is posted each month to the chief

Institutes and Polytechnics throughout the United Kingdom.

Secretaries of Social, Political, and Sporting Clubs, and to those who aire in the habit of giving Entertainments, At Homes, Concerts, &c.

"pOR SALE, Portable Shadowgraphy Screen (wood) -1- standing over 6-ft. high ; complete with box which forms stand forsame, 10/- Devant's Stick. 4/-. Two dozen Hamley's coins, 4/-.—Archibald Potter (see Card).

WANTED, Silk and Cotton Flags of all Nations, vv without staffs, size about 24 and 36 in. square, in exchange for good Conjuring Apparatus.— Francis Zeiss, 29 Chestnut Grove, Bootle, Liverpool

OPECIAL Twentieth Century Offer (for January only) Large ColouredTroublewit for 3/4.—Heber, 20 Green Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow.

^pROUBLE-WIT, 1/9, 3/-, 5/- ; Japanese Troublewit, x coloured, 3/-, 5/-, 7/6. Yankee Troublewit, 5/6, 8/-, coloured, 8/-, 10/6.—Heber (above).

ANTED, Tricks, Books, Secrets, Lists on Magic, Juggling, etc.—Max Holden, 185 Duke Street, Glasgow.

titANTED, Japanese Juggling Top (brass) for vv Spinning on Swords, etc. ; second-hand ; good condition.—Knight, 3 Middleton Buildings, Lang-ham Street, London, W. j.

WANTED, Back numbers of "Der Zauberspiegel" W and "Die Zauberwelt."—Arthur Margery and (card).

■\\TANTED, Juggling Apparatus (not conjuring vv Tricks); second-hand, good condition.—B.S., The Firs, Enderley, Leicester. 1.

WANTED, Programmes, etc., of Houdin, Anderson * » and other ancient lights for reproduction in Magic " ; purchase ot loan. — Write, Office of " Magic." t.

miscellaneous Advertisements.

Sleight of Hand. A Practical Manual of Legerdemain for Amateurs and others. New Edition, Illustrated. By Edwin T. Sachs. 6/6. by post 6/10. Book of Modern Conjuring. A Practical Guide to Drawing-room and Stage Magic for Amateurs. By Professor R. Kunard. Illustrated. 2/6, by post 2/9.

Book of Card Tricks, for Drawing-room and Stage Entertainments by Amateurs. Illustrated. By Profssor R. Kunard. 2/6, by post 2/9. The Book of Conjuring and Card Tricks being the above two books in 1 vol. 5,-, by post 5/4. Conjuring for Amateurs. A Practical Handbook on How to Perform a Number of Amusing Tricks. By Professor Ellis Stanyon. i/-, by post 1/2. Conjuring with Cards. Being Tricks with Cards, and How to perform Them. By Professor Ellis Stanyon. Illustrated. 1 /-, by post 1/2. Fortune Telling by Cards. Describing and Illustrating the methods usually followed by persons Professing to tell Fortunes by cards. By J. B. Prangley. Illustrated. 1/-, by post 1/2. Practical Ventriloquism. A thoroughly reliable guide to the Art of Voice Throwing and Vocal Mimicry, Vocal Instrumentation, Ventriloquial Figures, Entertaining, etc. By Robert Ganthony. Illustrated. In cloth gilt, price 2/6. by post 2/9. Shadow Entertainments, and How to Work them ; being Something about Shadows, and the way to make them profitable and funny. By A. Patterson. Illustrated. 1 /-, by post 1/2. Bunkum Entertainments. A Collection of Original Laughable Skits on Conjuring, Physiognomy, Juggling, Performing Fleas, Waxworks, Panorama, Phrenology, Phonograph, Second Sight, Lightning Calculators, Ventriloquism, Spiritualism, etc. ,to which are added Humerous Sketches, Whimsical Recitals and Drawing-room Comedies. By Robert Ganthony. Illustrated. 2/6, by post 2/9. How to Vamp. A Practical Guide to the Accompaniment of Songs by the Unskilled Musician, With Examples. 9d., by post iod. Amateur Entertainments for Charitable and other Objects. How to organise and work them with profit and success. By Robert Ganthony. i/-, by post 1/2.

Bazaars and Fancy Fairs, Their Organisation and

Management. By John Muir. i/-, by post 1/2 Modern Palmistry. A Manual for Amateurs. By I. Oxenford. Numerous and Original Illustrations by L. Wilkins. 2/6, by post 2/9.


When ordering please mention Magic."

IfOR SALE, New Methods for Coats, Ropes, and Rings ; defies the knowing ones. Secret only 3/6.—Millar, Low Town, Larbert, Stirlingshire. TXrANTED, Vent. Old Man and Woman, second *» hand, large size; terms by letter.—Pringle, Entertainer, 181 Edgware Road, W. 1.

SALE, First-class Apparatus, cheap ; the Card and Candle, Handsome Drawer Box, and a lot of others ; stamp for list.—A. Francis. [Below], TJOR SALE, Single Lantern with Jet and Tray for Limelight; show very large picture at short distance ; special.—A. Francis, Millom,Cumberland TTt7ANTED, No Servante. To produce from empty " Hat. Illuminated Garden and Arbour of Flowers, 8 by 12. See sketch and pamphlet, seven stamps, return post.—A. Francis, [Below]

A PRETTY Illusiou Charmed Confetti, and Fairy Goblet. Novel effect. 11-. post free 1/3. See 100 useful hints, seven stamps ; with two powerful Recitals gratis. Will cause thunders of applause.—A. Francis, Millom, Cumberland.

Contents of November " Magie."

Mr. R. A. Roberts on Chapeaugraphy. Lightning Sketches, by Ellis Stanyon. Lessons in Magic—Mechanical Devices for Palming, Improved " Spider " vanishes, etc., etc.

New Method of Forcing a Card, by Prof. Hoffmann.

Biography of Prof. Auderson (continued from

October.) Suggestions to Readers.

Hand Shadows.—One-handed figures, three original illustrations. Suggestions for life-like productions. Items of Interest.

Editor's Letter Box : South African Notes,

Australian Notes, etc., etc. Professional Cards and other Advts., to which refer if you are in search of novelties.


Printed for the Proprietors by Pollock & Co., 81, Mortimer Street, London, w.

The only paper in the British Empire devoted solely to the interests of Magicians, Jugglers, Hand Shadowists, Ventriloquists, Lightning Cartoonists and Speciality Entertainers.

VOL. I. NO. 5- Entered at Stationers Hall.


Annual Subscription, by Post, 5s. 6d. ; $1.50. Single Copy, by Post, - - ; 15 cents.

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