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I flJU /Vi V KJIXI 1 C interest to Conjurers.

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Published monthly. Subscription price 6 months 5/-, delivered postage prepaid. Single copies, 1/-. CARL WILLMANN, Editor, Neue ABC Strasse, Hamburg, Germany.



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High-Glass Magical Apparatus, Stage Illusions, &c,

Write for our celebrated Cat-a-log with which is combined that interesting little brochure entitled " Recollections of Robert Houdin." Illustrated, and with excellent portrait of Houdin. Priee 1/-, by post, 1/2,

Mammoth list of surplus stock and novelties, free. English Stamps and P.O. received

Chas. L. BURLINGAM E & Co., P.O. Box 851, Chicago, U.S.A

Coin, Card, $ miscellaneous Cricks.

Any trick complete and post free, for price quoted.

32. Marvellous Vanish for Four Coins.—First time listed, positively new. An absolutely invisible apparatus, for causing the disappearance of four borrowed coins (110 duplicates) from either hand ; both hands shown back and front yet coins reproduced at any moment ; quite practical. Complete, 4/9.

33. The Davenport Cabinet.—A coin, watch, or other article actually placed in drawer of cabinet mysteriously disappears

| and is found any vhere desired : improved make, am, parts j examined. Beautifully made and finished in mahogany; best I quality only. Complete, 7/9.

j 34. The Rattle Box.—Borrowed coin actually placed in this : box and heard to rattle about ; suddenly disappears and is iound ! an}'where desired. Useful in connection with many tricks. Com-j plete, 1/9. Superior, 2/9.

| 35. Coin Holder.—For palming a number of coins and to produce them one by one. 3/9.

36. The Card Box.—To produce, vanish, change, or restore f a burnt card. Many excellent card tricks can be done with this apparatus; nicely made in mahogany. Complete, 1/9. Superior, 2/9.

37. New Productive Card Drawer.—Two or four selected cards are produced in the drawer of cabinet one by one, or in pairs, at the will of performer. Any part of apparatus given for examination at any moment. Beautifully made and finished in mahogany. Complete, 8/9.

38. New Productive, Vanishing, and Changing Card Drawer.—Entirely new and a novelty for card conjurers. Will

| produce, vanish, or change one to four cards. Beautifully made and finished in mahogany. Complete, 12/6. I N.B.—Many new and startling tricks can be performed with Nos. 37 and 38 used in combination, or either one may be used with telling effect in combination with sleight of haud and other card apparatus as Nos.36, 39 40 & 41.

i 39. Roterberg's New Card Box.—To produce, vanish, or ! change one or more cards ; may be given into hands for examination. Those who know tne old ' flap ' box will be ' had ' with this one. Beautifully made and finished in mahogany. Complete, 7/9.

40 Burlingame's Dissected Card Box.—Top and bottom of this box are removable and aix parts handed for examination, yet will produce, vanish, or change selected cards. Body of ! box beautifully made in mahogany, top and bottom in metal. A i novelty and practical. Complete 10/6.

41. Stanyon's New Brass Card Box.—To produce, vanish, ; change, or restore any card. There is no lid ; the interior of i the box is open to inspection at any moment, even whii,e ! the actual vanish or change takes pi,ace. Well made ill | polished brass, 6/9.

j 42. Bowl of Fire.—The very latest for production from shawl, under cover of fan, &c. Bowl is carried perpendicularly, and ignited by merely bringing it into a horizontal position. Flame, produced any colour, rises a foot or more in height. Well made in solid brass, Complete 6/9.

43. Wandering Wine.—Two borrowed hats are placed mouth to mouth. On top of them is placed a glass filled with wine, which is covered with a paper cylinder open at both ends. Glass then disappears from top of hats and is found filled with wine in the lower hat. Cover shown empty. No rubber cover used. Latest wine trick. Complete, 6/6.

44. Spirit Hand on Mirror. (Quite new).—The performer can cause the appearance of a ghostly hand 011 any mirror, at any time or place. No prepared mirror. Our own novelty, 1 /-.

Apparatus cheerfully shown and working explained; no j compulsion to purchase.


| 76 Solerjt %oad, W^t tfarrjpsteacl, Xorjdorj, Jf.W.

Professional Cards.

Name and Twelve Words //- per insertion or per annum, 8 [6 ($2.00) prepaid.

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