Entertainers Note

We undertake to design and word your Programmes, Letterheads, &c„ in a manner so attractive that they cannot fail to bring you good business. Estimates on Printing, Lithographing, &c., furnished per return.

We also supply from any Photo or Sketch sent, finest quality half-tone and Line Blocks and this at a price that defies competition. Half-tone (on copper, 4^in. x 3m.) from Cabinet Photo, price, 12/6 ; Postage, 6d. extra. We will make you this extra-fine quality Half-tone, on copper, from any Cabinet photo, and insert the same with 12 lines of reading matter in MAGIC, one insertion, for 20/-; this offer is good but for a short time, as it is made to advettise our work which is far superior to any that can be obtained elsewhere.

Line Blocks, from your sketch, per sq. in., 4%d. Minimum charge, 4/6.

Exact copies of your Front Page of " Magic " to form Circulars, per 500, 12/6 ; per 1,000, 21/-Artistes own Programmes, Circulars, &c., inserted loose, in " Magic " per 1,000, 10/-Blank and Red Pip Playing Cards printed to your order. A novelty. Per 1,000, 10/6.

Lessons given in Sleight of Hand, Juggling, Hand Shadows, Sc., by Prof. ELLIS STANYON, per Lesson, 15/- ; per course of Six Lessons, S3 3s. Send Onk Stamp for further particulars a samples of above to


ELLIS STANYON & Co., High-Class Magical Apparatus.

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