Coin Tricks

Any trick complete and post free, for price quoted.

1. Divining" Coin.—All examined coin spun 011 table by anyone, performer instantly tells whether it falls head or tail upwards without even hearing or seeing it spin ; no notches cut in coin ; failure impossible. Complete, 2/3.

2. A Sure Win.—A coin spun high in the air and placed on back of hand, you can tell with certainty whether it be head ox tail upwards ; more, you can cause it to fall what you please ; no turning over. Complete, 2/9.

3. A Sharper's Triek.—Any borrowed coin placed on back of left hand, shown to be, say, tail up and covered with right hand, will appear at the desire of performer, head or tail. No manipulation with right hand ; coin covered with anything. Complete, 2/6.

4. The TWO Coin Triek.—Two borrowed coins held at finger tips ; audience are requested to note whether they be head or tail up and to say when dropped how they will fall. Performer can always cause both to fall as he pleases. Complete, 2/6.

5. The Togsers Chef d'ouvre.—There is no form of tossing in greater vogue than "crying to pieces," i.e. guessing whether a number of coins are heads or tails or odd or even. A sure way of always winning ; pretty work for extempore conjurers. 2/6.

6. The Hat Triek.—Siinilarto No. 5, but the coins are covered with a hat making manipulation impossible : the conjnrer wins. Pretty and subtle work. Complete, 3/6.

7. The New Coin Dropper.—Arranged to hold a dozen coins (or less) under the vest ; the coins to be released and caught at any moment with one hand only. Productive of great effect, when reproducing vanished coins in " Miser's Dream (see Magic, Vol. 1 p. 19). Complete, 3/9.

8. New Money Catching1.—A coin is suddenly seen to appear on the edge of rim of hat, This is taken off and thrown into the hat, and again and again this is repeated. A novelty. Complete 3/9.

9. Vanishing Coin Tube.—(Quite a novelty). Apieceoftube, beautifully made in brass, and capable of holding twelve borrowed half-crowns is given for examination. Audience are requested to fill it with coins after which it is wrapped in a borrowed handkerchief and lield by a spectator. On removing the handkerchief the coins have vanished and the tube may be again examined. Coins are afterwards produced from any desired place. Complete. 3/9.

do. do. for shillings. Complete, 2/9.

10. Improved "Spider" Vanishers.—After considerable trouble we have succeeded in producing a " Spider " with compressible (spring) clips, which enables the performer, whether possessing a large or a small hand, to keep the fingers quite close together throughout the manipulation, thus making detection impossible. The improved "Spider complete in itself for vanishing any particular object as under, sent Post Free for price quoted.

To palm and reverse palm a coin (penny) ... ... price 2/9

,, ,, a number of coins, and to produce them one by one ,, 5/9

N.B.—Special accessories for holding any objects not innumerated above will be made on receipt of instructions.

11. Special " Spider " Coins.—For Reverse and Continuous Back and Front Palming (see Magic, Vol. 1, p. 11 and 19 ; also " New Coin Tricks " by Ellis Stanyon). Well silvered, any pattern in stock. Each, 2/9.

12. A Novel "Spider" Coin.—This coin may be palmed in any position, on the back or front of hand, or may be held at finger tips, yet is always in position for Reverse Palm. A pretty and practical device. Complete, 3/9.

13. The New Coin Wand, (The Bamboo Stick).—Genuine coins are caught invisibly on tip of this wand, removed and materialized in left hand, previously shown empty ; coins are also caught visibly, removed and thrown on table. (See Stanyon's " New Coin Tricks," Second Series). Complete, 10/6.

14. Folding Coin.—For New Coin IVand, &c. Extra well made and well silvered. A good imitation of half-a-crown. Each 1/9. Folding pennies, plain. Each, 1/1.

15. Indiarubber Bands.—The proper size, well made and durable for Folding Coins, &c. Specially made. Quantity of four dozen (not less), 1/1.

16. Imitation Half-Crowns.—Pennies silver-plated to represent the genuine coin. Price, per dozen, 3/9, Milled Edges, 5/3.

17. Coin with Hoofi:.—To match above, properly fitted with hook. (See " New Coin Tricks," also Magic, Vol. 1 p. 19). Well silvered, 1/3.

18. Bevelled Edge Coins.—For use in the production of coins at finger tips, (see " New Coin Tricks "). Indispensible. Imitation half-crowns, per dozen, 5/3.

19. Special Palming Coins.—Excellent imitations in metal, size of half-crown, thin for palming a large quantity. Milled edges extra well silvered, per dozen, 3/9

20. Coin Holder.—To hold a number of coins inside rim of hat in the " Miser's Dream," so that hand may be removed and shewn empty. Coins dislodged one by one for magical production. Price, 3/9.

21. Heel Box.—To hold two coins for magical production. Complete with attachment for fitting to heel of dress shoe. Price, 4/922. Coin and Sword Triek.—A borrowed coin, without being changed or removed for an instant from the sight of the spectators, is placed on the edge of a sword or large knife and runs up and down on it, and is then returned to the owner, and sword or knife given for inspection. Price, 2/-.

23. Coin Slide.—For use in sleeve or under vest for secretly palming coins one by one in the " Miser's Dream," well made 3/6.

24. A New Coin Vanish.—A dozen loose coins are placed in left hand which shakes them to prove they are there, yet at any moment left hand opened and shown empty. Useful in connection with No. 7. Complete, 3/9.

25. The Multiplying Penny.—One penny mysteriously multiplies into two pennies, which then diminish to one. With instructions for performing a series of novel tricks written up in Mr. Stanyon's keenly interesting and inimitable style. Complete, 2/-. A series of tricks with two multiplying coins. Complete, 3/.

26. The Dissolving Coin.—A borrowed shilling placed ill box and a little heat applied. Performer pours out the melted coin, then replaces it in box and eventually shows it whole again. With instructions for combination work by Mr. Stanyon. Complete, 1/3.

27. Finger through Penny.—Performer thrusts his finger completely through a coin. Complete, 4d.

Improved make with original instructions, 1/1.

Well silvered, 1/9,

28. Penny through Hat.—Shown sticking half way through crown of borrowed hat. Complete, 5d.

Improved make, 1/-. Either silvered, 8d, extra

29. The Magnetized Penny.—Adheres to any part of the hand, wand, clothing, &c. No wax, hairs, threads, &c. Complete, 4d. Silvered, 1/-.

30. Penny in Bottle.—A borrowed coin instantly passed into narrow necked bottle. Complete, 5d. Silvered, 1/1. A genuine florin, 5/3. A genuine half-crown, 5/931. The Travelling Penny.—A coin placed in either hand disappears as often as desired and hand shown both sides. No pins, wax, hooks, elastic, etc. Complete, 4d. Well silvered, 1/-.

N.B.—Apparatus cheerfully shown and working explained ; no compulsion to purchase

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