Brandy, I Scotch Whiskey, I Geneva,

Gbe 1Rew Craöle, or Mesmeric Sleep,

Strongly recommended for the Nursery where there are " squalls."


During the Interval, the Wizard's Hand-Book of Magic, price Is., with an explanation of upwards of 250 Magical Delusions, an Expo.see of Gambling, Spirit Rapping, Table Turning, &c., illustrated with upwards of 100 Diagrams, &c., showing the construction of the necessary Apparatus ; also, The Wizard in Paris, being Professor Anderson's Narrative of a Recent Visit to the French Capital, descriptive of the place, and throwing new light upon the people —A guide for all who are going there, and a pleasant book for those who have been. May be had of Professor Anderson's Assistants. ___

The Wizard will again enter his 1


Great and commence Part Two with his

Mechanical Automaton,

Or FORTUNE TELLER, iu couuection with the Spirit Rapping Bell and Table!

Although the Wizard is not a great Orator or Lecturer, he will deliver a few remarks on what is called

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