If you want an extra fine quality Half-Tone Block on copper at the cheapest possible price, from any photo, write to ELLIS STANYON & CO., before 1 going elsewhere j The better the photo, sent, the better the block, but I we guarantee in all cases the reproduction will be | better than the original. We have the finest ap-| paratus and best workmen in London.

| Nothing is more weighty in securing business than a good picture o/yourself. The Blocks illustrating front page of April " Magic," also the Biographies of Anderson and Cagliostro, were made from poor prints by

ELLIS STANYON a CO.. 76 Solent Rd.. W. Hampstead, N.W.

3)orit forget it!

5/6 in British, or $1.50 in U.S. stamps (P.O. or Dollar Notes) secures a copy of flAGIC post free to any part of the World for One Year.

The only paper in the British Empire devoted solely to the interests of Magicians, Jugglers, Hand Shadowists, Ventriloquists, Lightning Cartoonists and Speciality Entertainers.

VOL. I. NO. 9. Entered at Stationers Hall.

JUNE, 1901.

Annual Subscription, by Post, 5s. 6d. $1.50. Single Copy, by Post, - - ; 15 cents.

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