Arthur Margery

The artiste whose portrait graces our title page this month is the descendent of stage-loving parents, his father before him, being a devoted student of Magic and the kindred arts, and a clever performer to boot.

Mr. A Margery was born in London in 1871. It was in his early school days, after witnessing the performance of a simple trick, that he first became fascinated with an art that he now candidly admits proved his first incentive to the study of the various sciences, while at the same time it made those studies, which are more often than not found irksome to a degree, a source of infinite pleasureand enjoyment; small wonder it is then that the chief item in so many of our best drawing-room entertainments, where the audience is invariably composed largely of children, is a conjuring show ; such an entertainment serves a double purpose—it combines amusement with instruction.

To-day finds Mr. Margery a zealous devotee of V ar-t myster-ience—to use his own words, '' I am married to magic and never wish for a divorce." He is the fortunate possessor of a fertile brain and a hand which, according to Mons.

Robert Houdin in his " Secrets of Conjuring and Magic," pp. 37-41, denotes dexterity. He is an expert all round manipulator of the various small accessories so indispensable to the modern magician—in his hands inanimate objects seem to become imbuded with life and to have a personality of their own ; this is not surprising where a

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