Solid Fact

A fully equipped Centaur Light Roadster, with registered and most scientifically supported X frame,

Weighs 24 lbs. Guaranteed.

A Featherweight Roadster as above, with Bowden and Front Rim Brakes, Free Wheel, etc.,

Weighs uuder 27 lbs. Guaranteed.

A Ladies' X frame Featherweight, with gear case, dress and mudguards complete,

Weighs under 25 lbs. Guaranteed.

Light riders need no longer ride machines heavy enough to carry Amazons or Lifeguardsmen.

Apply for Full Descriptive Catalogue to

The New Centaur Cycle Co., Ltd., Coventry.



Coin & Miscellaneous Tricks*

Any trick complete and post free, for price quoted.

45. The Coin Wand.—Any number of ccfins are produced one by one on tip of wand. Wand, complete for pennies, 8/9; shillings, 10/-; florins, 14/-; half-crowns, 14/6. (See also No. 13.)

46. Cap and Half-pence Trick.—Stack of six borrowed coins covered with cap disappear and in their place is a dice. Cheap make, 9d., real coins, 1/3 ; farthings, r/i ; pence, 2/3 ; shillings, 10/-; florins, 18/6 ; half-crowns, 23/6. A new combination changing from pennies to half-pennies, farthings, atid threepenny pieces respectively with novel instructions by Mr. Ellis Stanyon. Complete, 6/6.

47. Multiplying' Coins.—One shilling mysteriously multiplies into two shillings, which then diminish to one. Complete, 4/3 ; for florins, 6/3 ; half-crowns, 8/. (See also No. 25).

48. Glass Jar and Coin Trick.—A plain glass jar is shown to be quite emptj. The glass stopper is freely examined and (110 exchange) placed into the empty jar. A number of coins, say five, are now vanished from the hand. Presto ! the hand is shown empty while at the same time the five coins are seen and heard to arrive in the jar. The conjurer then takes up the jar, still closed by the stopper and hands it to the company who open it, lake out the five coins and examine everything closely to prove that " there is no trickeryEntirely new principle. 6/9.

Do. Do. with extra plated tripod and glass bowl from which coins disappear and visibly fall into glass jar. Complete,21/-

49. Conjuring Compendiums. —Containing complete apparatus for performing a large assortment of the newest and cleverest tricks that are made, suitable for public exhibition, in handsome lock case with divisions.

No. 5, for performing over twelve tricks, with full instructions 1 10 o

No. 6, for performing over eighteen tricks, with full instructions, including Birdcage, Plate and Money, Dove Bottle, Bowl ot Fish, Flying Cards, &c., &c. 2 10 o No. 7, for performing over twenty-four of the most expensive and best tricks, including Birdcage, Growth of Flowers, Dove Bottle, Plate and Flying Cards, Fairy Bottle, Bowl of Fish, Linking Rings, Egg Bag, Cones, Plate and Money, Funnel, &c. 4 4 t.

50. Boxes of Trieks.—No. 1. 6 Tricks, 5/6. No. ia. 8 Tricks, 10/6. No. 2. 10 Tricks, 15/6. No. 3. 10 Tricks, (larger) 25/-. No. 4. 6 very large Tricks, 36/-.

51. Ribbons from Finger Tips.—Performer shows both hands (simultaneously) back and front, and with sleeves rolled back, at once proceeds to pull a large quantity of real silk ribbons, about 8 yards, from extreme tips of fingers, excellent introductory trick. Complete, 6/6.

52. Brass (Solid) Handkerchief Tube.—To produce, vanish, or change a handkerchief. Fine for combinations and patriotic effects. Recommended in "Conjuring for Amateurs." Our own novelty. Large size. Complete, 5/9.

53. Handkerchief with Tube.—As used in "Dying Handkerchief" Trick, and recommended in " Conjuring for Amateurs." The most practical method. Beautifully made. Complete, 5/6.

54. The Kaleidoscopic Blocks. (A study ill black and white),—Two solid ivory cubes made with three sides black and three sides while. The black sides change from top to bottom, back to front, &c., &c. A pretty pocket trick, Complete with solid ivory cubes, 2/9.

55. Skeleton Umbrella.—Made with best quality silk ribbons in colors for catching the expanding flowers. Price, 8/56. Solid Brass Stand.—To hold the umbrella, made to fold up so as to pack awav in a very small flat compass. Price, 7/6.

57. Stanyon's New Flower Holder.—Will hold 100-200 large or small flowers, and is fitted with special device for loading, making detection impossible. Flowers instantly released, and holder falls back with them unperceived. Provides a long felt want for close quarters. Complete, 3/9.

58. Oak Leaf Garland.—Novelty for the inexhaustible hat trick. From a borrowed hat performer produces a bushy garland of natural oak leaves, 6 feet long. This is a practical novelty as the garland i& instantly replaced in readiness for the next performance.

A pparatus illustrated and explained in back Nos. of MAGIC. Apparatus cheerfully shown and working explained. No compulsion to purchase


Professional Cards.

Name and Twelve Words //- per insertion or per annum, 8j6 ($2.00) prepaid.


The Incomparable. __Juggler.___


Humourous and Magical Entertainer, 124 London Road, Liverpool.


Scottish Magician, 180 Butterbiggins Road, Glasgow.

MAGICIANS should refer to the first column 011 page 20.

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