New Coin Palming Combination

After having shown back and front of hand in the usual manner and while palm is towards spectators, you proceed to open the fingers a pair at a time, commencing with the 3rd and 4th, and next the 2nd and 1st. Then all the fingers are opened, you show that that there is nothing between the thumb and side of hand the coin being immediately produced at the tips of the fingers. A glance at the accompanying Figs, will show how this is accomplished. Fig. 1 (a) represents the p. _ coin as held when

S' opening the 3rd and

4th fingers. Before opening the 2nd and 3rd the sleight as illustrated by Fig. 2, is performed. To do this the 1st fingers is drawn slightly over and down the back of the 2nd, when the coin will be found to follow the 1st finger's movements. It is then gripped between the 3rd and 4th fingers in position as P"ig. 1 (b). The 2nd and 3rd are now opened and after that the 1 st and 2nd. By a rever-

Fig. 2.
Fig- 3-

and sion of this sleight coin is again palmed between 1st and 2nd finger as at first. The best method of performing this 1st portion of the combination is by six movements each accompanied by an up

Fig. 4.
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