New Card Trick

The Phoenix Card. Astonishing, Bewildering, and Mystifying. Easy to perform. Secret, 2/-. WILL CAMPION, 207 Kentish Town Road, London, N.W.

"\X7ANTED, Back numbers of "Der Zauberspiegel" »» and "Die Zauberwelt."—Arthur Margery

"VX7ANTED, Programmes, etc., of Houdin, Anderson and other ancient lights for reproduction in Magic "; purchase ot loan. — Write, Office of

^^NTEDtoPurchase, '' DerZauberspiegel," vol. I. * * - Prof. Hoffmann, 19 Linton Road,Hastings^ T WILL BUY a good Stage Illusion~if offered at a -*- Bargain.—Clinton Burgess, 272 West 118th St., New York City.

fj^F"~Magicians on Tour are requested to send a post card to this office notifying change of address that "Hagic," may reach them promptly on the first of each month.

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