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Dear Adam: Here's the trick for the 1984 Symposium book. The plot of 1984 struck me as being particular relevant with the theme of Doublethink. As I mention in the patter line, as magicians we deal in Doublethink everyday. And this is the first year of the Doublethink Symposuim - one in New York and one in San Francisco. And speaking of Doublethink trivia, does anyone know that George Orwell was not his real name? It was Eric Blair. Even he was a product-victim of his own nom de plume - Tom.

Effect: The Ace, Nine, Eight and Four of Clubs are displayed; and a patter story evolves around George Orwell's book, 1984. The Ace of Clubs, representing Winston, the hero, develops a "big heart" when the card changes into the Ace of Hearts. The Nine of Clubs, representing his girlfriend, Julia, follows suit and changes visibly into the Nine of Hearts. To right the wrong, the remaining cards, O'Brien and Big Brother, also change into Heart cards. As a final twist, all cards instantly change back into Clubs.

Method: Stack the deck, from the top to bottom, Ace of Hearts, Nine of Hearts, Eight of Hearts, Four of Hearts, followed by the remainder of the deck. The Ace, Nine, Eight and Four of Clubs are scattered randomly throughout the pack.

When ready to perform, remove the cards from the case and casually spread them faceup. Openly cull out the Ace, Nine, Eight and Four of Clubs and arrange them face-up to read "1984" from the spectator's left to his right. Square the pack, turn it face-down, and hold it in dealing position.

"1984. The apocryphal year of Orwellian Newspeak and Doublethink. Finally the year is upon us - and who is not to say that the horrors described in 1984 are not already upon us, too? Wasn't Jimmy Carter's description of the bungled rescue attempt from Iran as a 'limited success' a perfect example of Newspeak? And don't we, as magicians, deal in Doublethink every day?"

Arrange the "1984 of Clubs" in a face-up fan, with the Ace at the face. Display the fan on top of the deck, secretly picking up the top face-down card from the deck beneath the fan.

Square up the five cards and remove them from the deck — Figure 1. You will now perform this version of J.K. Hartman's Secret Subtraction: The left thumb drags the Ace faceup onto the top of the deck, jogged slightly to the right — Figure 2.

The small packet in the right hand flips the Ace face- down onto the top of the deck, still jogged to the right — Figure 3.

The right hand picks up the face-down Ace beneath the packet, maintaining a thumb break between the single Ace and the remainder of the packet. Turn the right hand palm-up to show the Ace — Figure 4.

The right hand passes over the deck and drops the Ace below the break onto the top of the pack. In the same motion, the left thumb drags the face-up Nine from the top of the packet onto the deck, jogged slightly to the right — Figure 5.

The packet flips the Nine face-down, and the Nine is picked up beneath the packet, holding no breaks. The right hand turns palm-up to display the Nine on the bottom of the packet — Figure 6.

The Eight is now drawn onto the deck, flipped and picked up under the packet and displayed. Finally, the Four of Clubs is displayed in the same manner. The packet of four cards is dropped face-down onto the table. Double Cut the top card of the deck to the bottom and set the face-down deck to one side.

"In this story, the Ace of Clubs will represent our hero, Winston, a man trapped in modern society where everyone is told what to do, what to think, what to dream. These other three cards will represent other characters we will get to in just a second."

Pick up the packet and spread it face-down to show all the backs are the same. Close the packet, obtaining a break beneath the top two cards. Flip the two cards as one, face-up, onto the packet. Turn the packet over, so that the Four is now at the face. With the left fingers, draw out the face-down bottom card of the packet (the Nine), turn it face-up and return it to the bottom of the packet. Openly shift the top card (the Four) to the bottom of the packet. Turn the entire packet over and perform an Elmsley Count.

"All of the citizens of the Society seemed the same. You might even go so far as to say that they all belonged to the 'same club.' Well, I wouldn't, but you might."

Perform the Vernon Through-the-Fist Flourish in the following manner: Set the packet in the left palm perpendicular to the direction of the fingers — Figure 7.

Curl the thumb and fingers around the packet. Turn the left hand palm-down. The left thumb pushes the packet through the "tunnel" formed by the left hand, and the right hand withdraws the packet from the left little finger end of the "tunnel." Reverse fan the packet to show that one card, apparently the Ace of Clubs, has turned face-down — Figure 8. Snap that card face-up to reveal that it has changed into the Ace of Hearts.

"But Winston was different, even in a civilization where such a difference was not tolerated. He resented the control, the sameness, the Ministry of Love that told him how to feel. He was an anachronism - a man with a Heart."

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