Tom Gagnon

The Scoop-Displacement Coin Change

This offering is an outgrowth of the preceding vanish. In effect, the conjurer scoops up a half dollar with a playing card. The coin is promptly deposited in the left hand, which closes into a fist. At that moment, the conjurer opens his left hand to display an English penny, tosses the card to the table, and drops the English penny onto his otherwise empty right palm. The English penny is then thrown to the table for examination.

Method: You will need a half dollar, an English penny, a playing card, and a close-up pad.

With the English penny secretly gripped in the lefthand Finger Palm position, toss the half dollar onto your close-up pad. That done, grip a face-up card by its lower right corner between your thumb and the first and second fingertips (Figure 1). As with the preceding vanish, the card's end must contact the edge of your third finger to insure stability throughout the following actions.

Draw the audience's attention to the half dollar by casually flipping it over onto the pad with the left long edge of the card. As this action takes place, quickly position your left hand palm-down on the pad, adjacent to the half.

Now, while explaining that you will place the half dollar in your left hand, begin to scoop up the coin with the card, at the same time revolving your slightly cupped left hand palm-up. Continue without pause to scoop up the coin, simultaneously pinning the half against the card's face with your thumb (see Figure 4, a performer's view).

As you continue to swing the card and coin inward, brush the card's lower edge across your left fingertips. Refer to Figure 5, a performer's view. From the audience's perspective, the above actions appear as though you have simply scooped and dumped the half dollar into your left hand. The purpose for cupping your left hand during the above, and for your having to brush the card across your fingertips, is to screen the onlooker's view of the Finger Palmed English penny.

Close your left hand around the English penny (supposedly the half) and, using the same actions as set forth in the "Scoop-Displacement Coin Vanish," toss the card face-up onto the pad while stealing the half into Goshman Pinch. Refer once again to Figures 6 through 21 of the preceding vanish.

At the precise instant that the right hand releases its card (Figure 21), quickly open your left hand palm-up, reveal the presence of the English penny, and promptly drop the penny onto your poised palm-up right hand (Figure 24, the spectators' view). Then pitch the English penny onto the pad (Figure 25, the spectators' view).

To conclude, withdraw your palm-up right hand until it clears the rear of the table and drop the hand to your side. Then quickly revolve the hand over and transfer the coin from the back of your hand to Classic Palm.

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