The Trick That Never

Effect: This cigarette routine is an artful blending of a number of classic elements: Chink-a-Chink, a Slydini sort of restoration, and a curiously effective combination of the sealing container with the Time Travel theme.

The performer begins by taking out a new pack of cigarettes. He opens it and removes a cigarette. This cigarette is torn into four pieces (three lengths of tobacco and the filter). The pieces are laid at the corners of an imaginary square on the table in traditional assembly formation.

As the performer lightly places his hands over the pieces of cigarette, they invisibly jump one at a time from their positions to join the filter!

But things become even stranger as the performer tells his audience that everything they have witnessed never happened! In proof of this, the four pieces restore instantly into a whole cigarette again. Then this restored cigarette vanishes completely from the hands! To cap it all, the cigarette pack is given for inspection...and is found to be a full pack with the cellophane and foil wrappers still unbroken. It was never opened!

Method: The pack of cigarettes is prepared in the following manner: Buy two packs of cigarettes. Remove the cellophane wrap from the top of one and very lightly glue this to the top of the second pack. It must be glued so that it may be easily detached from the pack during performance, giving the illusion of opening the pack.

Now remove two cigarettes from the opened pack and use a few dabs of magician's wax to stick one of these cigarettes to the back of the unopened pack, as shown in Figure 1.

This routine may be done either sitting or standing, depending upon various conditions. These conditions will be discussed at the proper times during the routine. If you are seated, the second cigarette is secretly placed in your lap. If standing, it goes in your right coat pocket. The gimmicked pack of cigarettes is placed in your left breast pocket with the attached cigarette nearest your body.

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