silver dollar. Again attempt the transformation — then show the silver dollar by dropping it on the table from your left hand. While she opens her hand discovering the large penny, your right hand goes into the pants pocket, ditching the penny and Finger Palming the silver dollar with the hole. Your helper is examining the large penny at this time.

Pick up the silver dollar from the table with your left hand and, holding it at the extreme tips of the fingers of each hand, show the flexibility of the coin utilizing the old optical illusion of the "Bending Coin." Openly place the silver dollar on the back of your outstretched palm-down left hand. Explain that by rubbing the coin with the tips of the right fingers it will penetrate the back of the hand. During this explanation the right fingertips are placed over the silver dollar. The Classic Palmed hole coin is released and allowed to drop unnoticed into the opening of the left fist, between the thumb and first finger as shown exposed in Figure 2.

Pick up the silver dollar from the back of the left hand with the right hand and, with a throwing motion toward the left fist, Classic Palm the silver dollar. Open the left fist and display the coin between the left thumb and first finger as in Figure 3.

With the thumb on one side of the coin and the index finger on the other, the hole is not visible during the display. With the right hand reach over and push the coin into the left index finger...down toward the first joint. Wiggle the finger showing the penetration.

In the next action, pull the coin off the left forefinger with the right hand and release the palmed silver dollar from the right palm at the same time. The right hand grips the extended left index finger in a semi-closed fist, the left index finger with coin entering the hole formed by the right thumb and index finger. The penetrated coin is held by its edge at the curvature formed by the right thumb and index finger (like the Downs Palm). See Figure 4.

Now in a pulling-popping action, the hole coin is removed from the left index finger and held in the Downs position while the silver dollar is released from the right palm. Timed correctly, the pulling action and the dropping of the genuine silver dollar are very convincing. Pause and let the effect register.

When the attention is off you and on the tabled coins, go into the right pants pocket leaving the coin with the hole and secretly remove the huge penny. Pick up the large penny with the righthand thumb and index finger and, in an upward gesture (toss), drop the huge penny on the table. There is no need for palming the pinched large penny due to the strong misdirection of the huge coin hitting the table. This last switch is bold but very strong due to the audience believing the effect is already over.


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