Michael Weber

Buster 46

Martin Nash

Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas 47

Richard Kaufman

The Face-Up Incredible Card Tunnel 52

Pinched Again 58

Bob Read

Handkerchief Through Glass 61

John Ferrentino

Topsy Turvy Finely Finished 64

Harry Lorayne

Poker Challenge 67

Jay San key

RemarkerAble 70

Part II


Tom Ogden

1984 74

Doug Bennett

Triple Whammy 81

Tom Gagnon

The Scoop-Displacement Coin Vanish 83

The Scoop-Displacement Coin Change 88

Steve Dusheck

Coin-Nection 90

Terry Lagerould

Piano Concerto 93

Phil Goldstein

Sans Fronds 96

Ben Harris

Alloy Division 100

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