From the position shown in Figure 19, continue without pause to toss the card face-up onto the pad. The action ends with your right palm briefly displayed, as shown in Figure 21, the spectator's view. (Note: Remember, you are supposed to be revolving the card back face-up and tossing it onto the table — so this is how the above actions should appear. To the onlookers, the coin has been dumped into your left hand; therefore, the tossing of the card should appear merely as a secondary flourish and nothing more.)

At this time, withdraw your palm-up right hand until it clears the rear of the table (Figure 22) and drop the hand to your side. Once there, promptly revolve your right hand over (Figure 23, the spectators' view), all the time transferring the coin from the back of your hand to the Classic Pal m. (Refer to page 360 of J.B. Bobo s Coin Magic for a detailed description of this transfer move.) To conclude, wiggle your left thumb for effect, snap your right fingers over the left fist and open your left hand to show that the coin has vanished.

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