One Joker is now face-down beneath the face-up packet. Obtain a break above it. Ask a spectator to call out a number "between one and ten." Assume he chooses six. Take the packet with the right hand from above, the thumbtip maintaining the break. Begin to pull off cards one by one with the left thumb, Biddle style, counting aloud (in this case) to five. See Figure 3.

"And Six is the one you selected," you continue, as you pull off the Six, releasing under it the card beneath the break. Simultaneously obtain a left little-fingertip break below the Six. The change in patter allows this Reverse Biddle action to be performed slowly, insuring that the face-down card is not exposed.

Carry the remaining cards over those in the left hand, stealing the Six beneath them as you proceed, "You might have decided on the Seven..." Continue by pulling off the Seven and each of the remaining cards through the Ten as you comment, "...or any of these other cards..."

"...Except," you go on, "the Joker — which we'll get back to in a moment." Atthis stage, the right hand holds two cards as one, the Joker uppermost. Set the double card carefully on the table to your right, distracting from this action by saying, "For now, watch what's going to happen to your card, the Six."

Snap your fingers over the packet, take it with the right hand by the sides, and Ribbon Spread it from right to left, starting the spread about an inch-and-a-half to the left of the double card — Figure 4. "It turns face-down!" you point out, and the spectators will deduce that this indeed appears to be the case.

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