Your focus during this must be completely on the cards being placed into the spectator's hand. Quite obviously, if the spectators have any inkling that you are blatantly shoving a card from the left hand into your jacket pocket, the mystery is dead. Confidence in manner is the key to misdirection at this point. By the time the audience's attention re-expands to take in your entire body, your left hand with the deck will be nowhere near your coat pocket.

f The deck is now placed into the spectator's left hand. (Rather than awkwardly crossing i your body to do this with your left hand, it is far cleaner blocking to take the pack from your

' left hand with your right, and then place it onto the spectator's palm.)

Re-cap the supposed situation:There is a "mystery card" in your side pocket,and a selection trapped between two Jokers in the spectator's right hand. During this explanation, i make it clear (without specifically stating the point) that your hands are empty.

Retrieve the Joker packet from the spectator. Perform a Half-Pass to secretly reverse the | lowermost card of the packet. Now, use a Victor or Hamman counting action to display (ap-

| parently) three cards in the packet you hold — two face-up Jokers with a face-down card

| between, as expected.

Hold the packet between your palms, and perform an Elmsley Prayer Vanish, dropping the two Jokers cleanly onto the spectator's outstretched right hand. At the conclusion of this action, your hands will be held splayed in front of you. Maintain this pose, as you turn your left side to the spectator, inviting him or her to reach into your jacket pocket and remove the mystery card.

It is, of course, the selection. You are clean.

Ben Harris

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