Drop the packet, reading 1984, onto the table. Remove the Nine of Clubs. Display it on top of the deck, secrety adding the top face-down card of the deck beneath it. Remove the two cards as one from the top of the deck. Perform the Snap Turnover change in the following manner: Hold the two cards as one with the right thumb along the inside of the long left edge of the card. The right middle finger holds the cards toward the inside of the right length of the card, and the forefinger rests, curled, on the back of the card — Figure 9.

Brush the cards twice along the left sleeve. On the third brush, release the middle finger. The cards will snap over, so that they are now held between the thumb, on top, and the forefinger, beneath — Figure 10.

The double card is now immediately dropped onto the deck, and the top face-up card is dealt to the table.

"But what of Winston's girlfriend, Julia? At first they are afraid to speak of their love and their similar feelings against the system - after all, Big Brother was everywhere. But soon Winston captured Julia's heart and they met in a secret tryst far from Big Brother's eye."

Casually Double Cut the top card to the bottom of the pack. Obtain a break beneath the top two face-down cards. Place the black Eight and Four face-down beneath the face-up red Nine and Ace, and display the fan on top of the deck — Figure 11.

Square up the packet, secretly adding the two cards above the left fourth finger break to the bottom of the packet. You will now switch-out the black Eight and Four for the red Eight and Four using this variation of Kosky's Switch: The left thumb draws the red Ace to the top of the deck, outjogged for about half its length — Figure 12.

The next two face-down cards are drawn on top of the Ace, squared with each other and with the deck beneath them. The remaining cards are dropped as one (the Nine) injogged for half of the cards' length — Figure 13.

With the right forefinger, lift the center two cards enough to give a peek of their faces — Figure 14.

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