The Scoop-Displacement Coin Vanish

Effect: This for-magicians-only coin vanish uniquely combines elements of Ed Mario's "Scoop Move" and Tom Gagnon's "Pickup and Displacement" maneuver. In effect, the conjurer, while using a playing card, scoops up a coin from the table and promptly deposits the coin into his left hand. Immediately his hand closes around the coin. The conjurer then tosses the card onto the table, thereby displaying his right hand to be unmistakably empty. Yet, the coin vanishes from the left hand.

Method: While standing, place a quarter onto your close-up pad and, with your right hand, grip a face-up card by its lower right corner between your thumb and the first and second fingertips — Figure 1.

The card's short edge contacts the edge of the third finger. This insures that the card and, ultimately, the card with coin, remain stable throughout the forthcoming actions.

With the audience's attention focused on the coin, casually flip the quarter over on the pad with the left edge of the card. While this is being done, position your left hand, palm-down, adjacent to the coin. Refer to Figure 2, the spectators' view.

Stating that you will deposit the quarter in your left hand, commence to scoop up the coin with the card while simultaneously revolving your left hand palm-up — Figure 3, the spectators' view. With an uninterrupted motion, pin the quarter against the card's face with your thumb (Figure 4, an exposed view) and, as you continue to swing the card and coin inward, promptly brush the card's lower edge across your left fingertips. Refer to Figure 5, an exposed view.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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