You are seemingly performing these actions purely for the sake of clarity and display.

The trio of cards is now apparently removed from atop the pack. The right hand grasps the injogged card at the inner end, fingers on top, thumb below. This card is slid forward, until aligned with the center card of the group. Pause for an instant, as if picking up the center card beneath the first; then continue sliding forward. Actually, you continue to slide only the top card, until it is aligned with the outjogged card — Figure 3.

Now, the right hand regrips the outjogged cards at the outer end, and strips those cards forward, away from the pack. See Figure 4.

Properly done, it will seem clear that the face-down selection is still sandwiched between the two Jokers.

By now the spectator will have lowered his or her hands. Direct the spectator to extend the right hand. The Joker packet is deposited onto this outstretched palm. In the course of this action, your body again makes a slight swivel to your left. As the left hand (holding the deck) goes out of view, it drops momentarily and the top card of the pack (the selection) is thumbed into the side jacket-pocket.


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