After a brief pause, move both hands — palms down, fingers extended together — a few inches above the spread, momentarily covering the face-down card and say, "Watch carefully now because it's going to turn face-up right before your eyes!"

Slowly separate the hands, the left moving to the left end of the spread, the side of the hand touching the tabletop, and the right hand moving directy over the double card, the second fingertip fractionally above its outer right corner. All eyes will be on the face-down card. Yours, accordingly, can look directly at your right hand to make sure it is properly positioned.

You are now going to sweep the right hand to the left, scooping up the spread in the process. Just before doing so, lower the hand so that the second finger contacts the uppermost card of the double and brushes it to the left as well, below the spread. The lower card remains in place, undisturbed, and the action happens so quickly that the transfer cannot be seen — cannot, in fact, be depicted; one moment the hands are at either end of the spread, the next moment, the spread has been gathered and is held by both hands off to the left. See Figure 5.

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