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The Mix: Turn the right hand palm-down and close the spread in the crotch of the left thumb. In the same motion steal the bottom card into the right palm with a Side-Steal action. Cover the packet with the right hand and add the face-down palmed card onto the packet. Press both hands together as you spread your right fingers, revealing the visual change of the top card from a face-up one to a face-down one. (Ray has adapted this pressing action from an idea in Paul Harris' Press effect from pp. 39-40 of The Magic of Paul Harris).

Remove the right hand and spread the cards to show the face- down black cards have alternated with the face-up red cards! Looy Simonoff is to be thanked for the finish to this sequence.

The appealing aspect of this Oil and Water handling is the apparent absence of manipulation. The cards seem to segregate and mix again in a magical instant. It is a very visual approach.

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