Then drop them back squared once again with the deck. Hold the deck and the jogged cards tightly with the left hand, while the right thumb and forefinger slightly lift the injogged cards at the back inside edge. These cards are slid forward, without disturbing the facedown cards (the black Eight and Four) squared with the deck until the outer edge of the Nine is even with the outer edge of the outjogged Ace — Figure 15.

Pinch the Nine, the two cards hidden beneath it and the red Ace at the outer righthand corner and pull the four cards away from the deck. Fan the packet of cards with the right hand as the left hand sets the deck aside.

"But the remaining cards, representing the eternal Eight Ball, Big Brother, and his four-flusher yes-man O'Brien, are not to be outdone. They trap Winston and Julia in their own sentimentality and reinstate order...not by changing Winston and Julia back to fit in the club, but in this version of the tale...they change to match the other two. The status quo is restored."

Turn the two face-down cards in the fan face-up and rearrange the packet on the table to read "1984" in Hearts. Casually Double Cut the bottom two cards of the deck to the top. Pick up the red "1984" in an overlapping fan with the Ace at the face and display it on top of the deck — Figure 16.

Square up the packet and remove it from the deck, secretly adding the top four facedown cards from the deck beneath it. You are now set to perform Father Cyprian's version of the Snap Change: Hold the block of eight cards in the right hand, the fingers beneath the right edge of the packet, the thumb pinching on the top face of the packet. The deck is held in the left hand face-down dealing position — Figure 17.

In one motion, the left hand drops the deck face-up onto the packet; then, instantly following, the right fingers turn the entire deck back onto the left hand, adding the packet of eight cards squared to the top of the deck — Figure 18.

The left thumb spreads the top face-up cards, the black "1984" into the right hand. These cards are rearranged to read "1984" of Clubs on the table and the deck is removed.

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