"Once again, a happy ending. But for whom? For Oceania? For Winston? For Big Brother? Or is it all a lesson in Doublethink, the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously and believing in both of them. After all, haven't we just seen that Black Is Red? Or should we say, Red Is Black? Welcome to 19841"

Additional Notes: To dress up the story — since any effect where you let one thing "represent" something else is like a storybook in drag — you might pull the cards out of a pack of "Winston" cigarettes instead of a card case. Or you might collect a half dozen pocket mirrors or compacts to represent the giant Big Brother screens and position them about the table top. Of course, you might also just avoid this foolishness and go right on to the next trick in the book. Especially if it's late and your clock is already "striking thirteen."

If you are going this route with extraneous gag props, why not have a rubber rat in a toy bird cage? The packet of Hearts is brought near the caged rat and the cards are frightened into changing to Clubs again. The patter would have to be adjusted slightly to include this gag. Readers and spectators will have to be familiar with the novel to understand this gag.

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