Knock off the rubber hand from your pinky, letting it fall onto your right palm. This is facilitated by moving the little finger back, pressing the rubber hand up and against the top of the left palm. Get the rubber hand into left hand Finger Palm position. Hold your hands as in Figure 5.

You will now sleeve the rubber hand and dime while producing the large coin. This is done in a single motion using Derek's Bounce Change handling of Hope and Olson's Flick Change (ref. Hugard's Magic Monthly, Volume XVI, No. 1, p. 1 and The Complete Works Of Derek Dingle, pp. 166-167). The action is as follows: The hands are turned over once again, still palm toward palm in respect to each other. In this rotation of the hands the right hand smartly snaps inward, flexing at the wrist. It also drops down ever so slightly from beneath the Finger-Palmed rubber hand and dime. This small quick wrist-snap will toss the rubber hand and dime neatly into the left coat sleeve. Simultaneously — or perhaps just a split instant after the Sleeving snap — the left hand releases its Finger-Palmed large coin and the right hand returns to catch it. This action is pictured in Figure 6.

This Sleeving switch will take some time to get the timing right. The right hand's snapping action is fully covered by the larger motion of the hands' rotation. Also, don't overlook the right hand's dropping slightly away from the rubber hand and dime as they are snapped into the sleeve. This little motion minimizes friction between the rubber hand and the right fingers and insures a clean straight flight of the hand and coin into the sleeve.

In the action of this switch the large coin appears from nowhere and the little hand and coin disappear without a trace.

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