Han Ping Cup Move

This is an interesting adaptation of the Han Ping Chien coin sleight that may be incorporated into any Cups and Balls or Chop Cup routine.

Start with a ball perched atop the cup. The right hand grasps the cup by its sides, lifts it three or four inches from the table and tilts it forward and to the left, tipping the ball off the cup. The ball is caught neatly in the waiting left hand. This is shown in Figure 1.

The left hand closes loosely over the ball, pausing just long enough before doing so for the audience to see that the ball is genuinely contained in the hand. The ball is allowed to fall inside the fist down near the left fourth finger. This finger curls in just enough to lightly keep the ball from falling from the hand. The left fist is held with the thumb uppermost and the fourth finger nearest the table.

The right hand still holds the cup, slightly higher than the left fist and just behind it.

Now the cup will be lowered to the table. As this happens the left fourth finger loosens its grip on the ball, allowing it to drop from the bottom of the fist. This finger action should be very slight.

The ball is released from the fist an instant before the cup in the right hand comes down. The cup actually overtakes the falling ball in midair and covers it as both reach the table. A frozen pose of this action is given in Figure 2.

As the cup comes down with the ball the left fist moves slightly to the left to clear a path for the cup.

You are now in a position to show the ball has vanished from the hand and may reveal it under the cup either immediately or after some delay, depending upon the routine. It will be obvious that this same sleight may be used to add a ball to others already under the cup.

As with all moves of this sort, timing is the crucial factor. This will come only with work. Keep in mind as you practice that the cup is brought straight down over the ball. Do not jerk or swoop to the left as you make the move. Also, do not bang the cup down over the ball. The whole set of actions must be performed in a gentle relaxed manner. It is not done quickly and with a lot of tension displayed in the hands and arms. The actions flow. This sleight can be totally deceptive if these points are adhered to.

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