Egg Bag Finale

Tom finishes his Egg Bag routine with the production of a glass followed by a bottle of beer. On his servante he has the glass and the opened bottle of beer. The bottle of beer is sitting covered by a mouth-down duplicate Egg Bag. The glass is to the right and the bottle in the bag is to the left.

Make the egg vanish and appear three times. When removing the egg from the bag for the last time, hold the bag with the left hand and remove the egg with the right. While the right hand is removing the egg, the lefthand fingers pinch the two bottom corners of the bag together so the opening of the bag is forced to stay in an open position. The bag is

While the right hand is in the bag (entering from the open end hanging down) to get the egg for the last production, the left hand re-grips the bag from the outside, pinching the two corners together. The right hand removes the egg and swings outward and upward to the right as the left hand with the bag lowers to the servante. As soon as the bag has been placed over the glass, the left hand grabs the glass through the material and moves upward to chest level. While the left hand (with bag and glass) is moving upward, the egg in the right hand is placed in the right jacket pocket. Immediately, without showing the right hand empty, the right hand goes into the bag and with a downward pull produces the glass. As soon as the right hand with glass clears the bag, it moves again upward and to the right for display.

As the right hand moves upward to show the glass, the left hand with bag lowers again to the servante to get the beer bottle in the second Egg Bag.

Tom tried picking up the bottle the same way he picked up the glass for a long time...but every now and then Tom would have trouble re-shaping the bag for the second steal. Tom finally figured out how to solve the problem — the use of two egg bags. When the left hand comes down after the production of the glass, the first bag is dropped on the servante and the second bag is gripped along with the bottle. As the glass is placed on the table, the left hand rises with the bag and bottle and the right hand produces the bottle from the bag.

The requirements for this effect are five coins: two silver dollars (one with a finger-sized hole drilled in the center), a penny, and two oversize pennies — one silver dollar size (large) and the other about six inches in diameter (huge). The huge penny and the silver dollar with the hole are placed in the right pants pocket. The large penny is Classic Palmed in the right hand and the regular penny and silver dollar are placed on the table. You explain how the two tabled coins are completely different — one copper and one silver, one large and one small, etc.

Pick up the silver dollar with the right hand and have your helper hold out her hand palm-down. Place the silver dollar on the backs of her fingers. Pick up the tabled penny and place it on the center of the back of her hand. Pick up the silver dollar with your right hand and ask her to raise her hand a little more. During these instructions balance the silver dollar on the tips of your right second and third fingers. The fingers of the right hand should be in a semi-closed position. The silver dollar is now pressed against the right palm at the pads near the base of the fingers as in Figure 1.

The left hand approaches the right from below. The large penny is released from the right hand and allowed to fall into the left, which closes immediately. The left hand approaches the spectator's palm-down hand and places the large penny into it. Ask her to close her fingers around the coin. While this action is being executed the right fingers Classic Palm the silver dollar and pick up the penny still resting on the back of her hand.

Explain you are about to make the two coins change places. Apparently toss the penny (really pinching it between the first finger and thumb, doing the old Pinch Vanish) into the left hand releasing the silver dollar. After a magical gesture announce that you now hold the silver dollar and she has the penny. She disagrees! Another gesture is made, followed by repeated assurance that she holds the penny. Because of its size she will swear she has the

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