Cooking With Oil Water

There are many Oil and Water methods in print. But few can equal the direct, seemingly moveless appearance of this sequence of Ray's. Eight cards are alternated red and black by a spectator. The magician causes the colors to separate and then to mix again in a remarkably clean and visual manner. No extra cards are used.

To begin have a spectator alternate any four red cards with four black cards. Spread and display the cards' alternating colors. Square the cards and hold them face-down in the left hand. Your handling must be obviously fair and open throughout this display and squaring.

The Separation: Indicate with some gesture that something magical is happening to the cards. The left thumb then pushes off the top card to the right for about half its width. As this is done the left thumb is also made to contact the second card from the top and it is pushed to the right about the width of a border. Get a left fourth-finger break beneath this second card as it is squared back onto the packet by the left fingers. Simultaneously the right hand flips the top card over sidewise and face-up onto the packet. Let's assume this card is red.

Take the cards above the break, squared as one, in righthand Biddle Grip — from above, fingers at the outer ends, thumb at the inner. Carry this double card away and to the right of the packet.

Push over the new top card, which is red, with the left thumb and again procure a break under the second card down. Use the left edge of the righthand double card to flip the red card face-up onto the packet. Pick up the two cards above the break below the righthand double card and side-jogged slightly to the left, as shown in Figure 1.

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