Cigarette Extravaganza

Effect: The basic effect here is the production of two cigarettes and then their vanish. But, this is a power- packed routine which looks like such to the audience: The performer takes a regular cigarette rolling paper and holds it in one hand. His other hand, seen to be empty, reaches into the air and pours out loose tobacco into the paper. The performer rolls the paper and tobacco into a cigarette with an impressive one- handed flourish. The cigarette is put to the performer's lips. Now, the performer actually lights his thumb, and lights the cigarette using the flame on his thumb. Another rolling paper is taken out by a spectator. The performer holds onto this rolling paper — it explodes into a burst of flame, leaving a second cigarette at the performer's fingertips. Finally, both cigarettes are placed into the performer's fist and they vanish.

You need the following items: Three filterless cigarettes (Camels or Pall Malls); a pack of Big Bambu oversized rolling papers; a thumb tip; a pack of paper matches; flash paper; one round balloon; and a striking surface for matches on your belt or some similar place.

Preparation: Pierce a small hole in the end of the thumb tip; the hole should be big enough for a paper match to be stuck into. Stick a match into the hole, with about one-eigth of an inch of the match sticking out of the tip.

You also need a small rubber cover for the thumb tip. This can easily be made from the balloon: Without blowing the balloon up, tie the end. Now cut the balloon apart at a point just after the knot, before the main body of the balloon. This will act as a rubber cover for the thumb tip.

Remove the tobacco from a filterless cigarette; put this tobacco into the thumb tip. Cover the tip with the rubber cover. This setup tip is shown in Figure 1. This fully loaded tip goes into your right pocket.

Take one of the oversized Big Bambu rolling papers and trim its width so it is the same width as the cigarettes you are using. Now lick the gummed strip on the paper and stick it to one of the cigarettes — see Figure 2.

Cut a piece of flash paper to the same size as one of the rolling papers. Insert this flash paper into the pack of rolling papers so it is the next paper to be pulled out of the pack. Now place the "loaded" rolling paper (with the cigarette attached to it) into the pack of papers, as shown in Figure 3. Place this into your left pocket.

One of the regular cigarettes goes into your right pocket, along with the loaded thumb tip. Wrap a rolling paper around this cigarette so it appears to have been hand rolled.

Performance: Go to the left pocket with the left hand and remove the rolling papers — hold as in Figure 4, which is the audience's view. The paper with the attached cigarette hanging down at its end is hidden behind the left fingers — Figure 5 is the performer's view.

Open up the flap of the papers with the right hand, pause, and slyly smile at the audience. Quickly and casually pull the pack of papers away to the right with the right hand, leaving the one prepared paper in the left hand. The loaded cigarette is still hidden behind the left fingers. The right hand closes the pack of rolling papers one-handedly, raises the pack to the nose, gives it a pleasant whiff and, once again, you slyly smile. Place the pack of rolling papers into the right pocket. While your right hand is in the pocket, grab the thumb tip, knock off the rubber cover, and get the tip onto your right thumb.

Bring the right hand out of the pocket, keeping the thumb behind the fingers. Hold the rolling paper with both hands, fingers in front and thumbs in back — Figure 6 is the audience's view.

Briefly stroke and crease the paper, as if you were preparing to roll a cigarette, and actually roll the attached cigarette into the paper a bit.

Move the right hand away, and briefly display the right hand to the audience. Jeff always uses the following position when showing his hand, with a thumb tip on it, to the audience. It was described in the last routine, and throughout this routine I will refer to it as the "display gesture." Figure 7 is the audience's view of this display. The important points to note are the casual and loose hold of the entire hand, and the fact that the middle fingertip touches the end of the thumb tip. This is a completely natural position. In this routine, the second finger must be in this position to cover the match that is sticking out the end of the thumb tip.

After briefly displaying the right hand, wave it around, as if you were trying to pull something magical out of the air. Look for some invisible something off to your right. Pretend to grab something, and throw this invisible stuff toward the rolling paper held in your left hand. Finally, pretend to grab something out of the air again, while your right hand forms a fist and you load the thumb tip off our thumb into your fist. Now, with the same actions you used above to throw invisible stuff to the rolling paper in your left hand, pour the loose tabocco out of your fist (out of the tip) onto the rolling paper. The loose tobacco will cover the real cigarette attached to the rolling paper.


Spread out the tobacco, evenly, with the right forefinger. Don't worry about being sloppy and spilling some of the tobacco to the floor. Lick the top of the rolling paper. Readjust the left hand's grip on the paper to the position shown in Figure 8, a rear, performer's, view.

Holding the cigarette in in the left hand in this position, the thumb rolls upward, and in a single motion you roll the cigarette up. Immediately place this cigarette to your lips. Twist the cigarette, sealing the end that is in your mouth. Turn the cigarette end for end, putting the other end of the cigarette to your mouth. Again, twist to seal the end of the cigarette. Give the entire cigarette a lick to seal it, if needed. Leave this magically created cigarette in your mouth. This flourishy one-handed, one-motion roll is not difficult, and it is not expected to produce a great-looking cigarette. But when all the actions are followed, they flow smoothly, and you have a magical, flourishy creation of a hand-rolled cigarette.

While the left hand was rolling the cigarette, your right hand got the thumb tip back onto its thumb. You now strike the match that sticks out of the tip against the match striking surface that is on your belt. Use your right index finger held firmly against the thumb tip to give stability to the tip when striking it against the striking surface. Briefly show that you have lit your thumb on fire, with the right hand in a fist, with the thumb pointing up.

After the audience gets a brief glimpse that you have lit your thumb on fire, move the flame to the end of the cigarette in your mouth, and cup your left hand over the flame and the end of the cigarette — as people do when lighting a cigarette in a breezy place. When the cigarette is lit, blow out the flame. Do all of the above actions smoothly yet quickly.

You still have your right thumb up near the end of the cigarette at your mouth, and the left hand is still cupped over the cigarette and the right hand. Using your thumbs, remove the tip from the right thumb and place it onto the left thumb — this occurs behind the cover of your cupped left hand. You've just lit the cigarette, so give it a few puffs, which will help to create a mysterious smoky cover for this and the following actions.

Move your right hand away. The left hand takes the cigarette out of the mouth, and the mouth blows on the just-lit right hand. Show the right hand casually empty, using the dis play gesture described earlier, although this time you don't have a tip on the hand; but still use the same position and gesture.

The right hand goes into the right pocket and brings out the pack of rolling papers. Flip open the pack and offer them to a spectator, getting them to take out a paper. This will be the piece of flash paper. If you don't want to use a spectator here, you can remove this piece of paper yourself. Take the paper with the left hand, which will cover the tip on your left thumb. Put the papers back into the right pocket and cop the regular cigarette that is in your right pocket.

Make a fuss about the special rolling paper in your left hand. Display the paper, holding it between the thumb and second finger, keeping your hand in the display gesture briefly. This displays the paper, hides the tip, and shows the hand to be otherwise empty. Transfer the paper to the right hand, making sure the copped cigarette is hidden by the hand and-or the paper.

Take the cigarette out of the mouth with the left hand. Knock ashes and blow smoke over the paper in the right hand. Touch the end of the cigarette to the paper. The paper will flash. As it flashes, the right fingers swivel the copped cigarette into view — this is a visible magical production of a second cigarette.

Place the right hand's cigarette to your lips. Light this cigarette with the lit cigarette held in the left hand.

Put both lit cigarettes to your lips. Show both hands with the display gesture. The tip is still on the left thumb. Puff lots of smoke, getting attention focused on the cigarettes at your lips. Casually brush your hands together, ditching the match that has been stuck in the thumb tip. Merely pull it out and drop it to the floor while you brush your hands together.

Do a classic load of the thumb tip into the right fist. Put both cigarettes into the thumb tip and vanish them. You have completed the production and vanish of two cigarettes.

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