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The right third finger is still below the handkerchief and naturally, when it is raised about one inch it drags the handkerchief back under the handle. The left first finger presses the handkerchief against the glass.

The right hand is raised, and brings up the forward end of the handkerchief. The middle is pinned to the glass by the left first finger. The action of the right third finger beneath the handkerchief brings the nearest corner of the handkerchief back out from beneath the handle. The right thumb takes over from the third finger and the hand continues upward as shown in Figure 3.

From the front it looks as if the handkerchief is still threaded through the handle — see Figure 4.

In reality the left first finger merely pins the middle of the handkerchief to the glass. This finger then pushes the middle of the handkerchief through the handle, where it is gripped at the rear by the left thumb — see Figures 5 and 6. (Watch the handkerchief!)

The right hand tugs the handkerchief a couple of times and it apparently penetrates the handle. The whole sequence is over in less than ten seconds.

This item is reprinted from Bob's book, Thanks To Pepys.

For clarity, the illustrations show a tie being used instead of a handkerchief. Either can be used for performance.

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