Even Handling

The procedure for when they nominate even is a little different. Say, "Okay, so think of any even-value card: any Two, Four, Six, Eight, Ten, or Queen." Let them do so, then instruct

Justin Higham them to deal the value of their card onto the table in a face-down pile. This time they place the talon straight on top of the dealt pile, and THEN remove the top card of the deck to represent the magic wand. Have them wave this wand card over the pack, and then over your head. Have them replace the wand on top of the pack, cut the deck in half, and complete the cut. You will note that, in this instance the wand card serves no methodological purpose other than misdirection and presentation.

Turn around, fish for the colour and suit, then execute the Reverse Faro and weighing procedure as described. Go through either half and sight-count the odd-colour block, which in this instance, simply doubling (without subtracting one) will give you the value of their selection. Remove or name the selection as before.

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