Vanishing Glass

Paul uses a form of this trick in some of his shows. In his version however, the glass is lifted off the tray and placed on to his hand. It takes a bit more making, but it's worth the effort, as it makes it more powerful.

As usual, the assistant enters with a small tray, with the cloth and the glass on the tray. The magician picks up the glass, and slightly afterwards, picks up the cloth by the corner. He returns the glass to the tray, covers it, and vanishes.

So how does Paul manage to stand the glass on the palm of his hand? First of all the tray has a strong magnet in it. The lightweight plastic beaker (or glass) has a circle of metal in the bottom of it. This means it can be picked up easily (it's not on the magnet when it is brought in), but it will stay on the tray when needed (when placed back on the tray)!

In Paul's cloth, the gimmick is made of wire rather than cardboard, with a clever form of the glass. This required some experimentation to get the exact shape needed, but it means that with the cloth over the wire frame, it really does look as though the entire glass is still there beneath the cloth.

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