The Conclusion

You should ideally save the strongest effect for last, to leave the audience on a high, and so that they remember you for a long time. Incidentally, by 'strongest' we mean the effect that has the greatest 'wow' factor, the one that really leaves the audience wanting more, like no other effect you do. It's up to you to judge what will be best to perform for the closing sequence.

We might add that some magicians choose to perform their best effect second to last, reasoning that it is better to let the audience come down a bit from the 'high' before they leave. Sometimes pop groups follow this idea during an encore, where they perform their big hits second to last, then a more relaxed, perhaps not so well known song as a finale. The choice is yours, both methods seem to work well for different individuals and styles.

When the audience applauds, (when, not if) accept it and don't be quick to stop it. Audiences like to show appreciation for entertainment that is well done, and it's appropriate to let it continue.

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