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You may say that you can't do the same because you don't have the budget of a national TV show, and that's true, but you can still be original with your effects and routines, and develop your unique presentation style.

It is not about lavish production, it is about being original and entertaining.

Siegfried and Roy in Las Vegas put on a superb magic show, and they have the most lavish production on the planet (with ticket prices to match), yet you can be equally entertained by Mac King's afternoon magic show which is basically him on a small stage, with a few props. The point is that you don't HAVE to have the lavish production values like Siegfried and Roy, it is not essential, it's just a different style. Again, what counts is being original and entertaining.

There are many advantages to being original. You will feel better about the performance when you make the magic your own, it will always come across as much more entertaining to the audience, and the magic will be more memorable because it won't be a clone of another magician's show.

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