Okay, we know that males generally don't like wearing make up (although these days it's becoming more difficult to tell who is male and female) but for any stage show you need make-up.

Unfortunately stage lights have a tendency to make you look washed out or ghostly, and that's not desirable for a magician. The other factor is that under the hot lights, you will naturally perspire (okay, we admit it, you'll sweat buckets), and this makes your skin shine, which is also undesirable.

If you are not familiar with applying make-up (let's face it most men are not) then you need help. The aim is to accentuate your features and it is a specialised skill. If you are short of advice, buy a book on stage make-up and get a trusted friend to learn the basics.

Bear in mind that whoever eventually does your make-up, will need to be made aware that it's a very different technique to the regular make-up that women normally wear.

So we've covered in this section the basic requirements for putting a show together. This should give you some food for thought over the coming weeks. We'll be covering the important aspects of your show in much more detail as the course progresses, so don't worry too much if it seems like a lot to take in at this stage.

That's it for this module. In the next instalment, we'll be getting to grips with promoting your shows, with numerous techniques that most magicians have no idea about. Once again, you will have a real edge over your competition!

We'll also review some further ideas on developing originality to make you stand out from the crowd, and we'll disclose some very special mind-blowing marketing techniques that are sure to get you excited about promoting your business effectively.

Also, look out for the video instruction which will reveal some classics of magic - you'll be amazing others with these tricks in no time! Until next time, keep practising and performing.

P.S. Don't forget to review and apply the action tasks on the next page.

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