Laughter is the best medicine Using Comedy to Enhance Magic

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The pace of the western world seems to get faster every day. Stress levels are high, energy levels are low, and many people don't have quality time to themselves or their family.

Amidst that backdrop, as a magician you have a wonderful opportunity to bring some happiness, relief, and laughter to your audience. Most people want to escape from their monotonous routine, to be taken off into a fantasy world where they can temporarily get relief from their daily worries.

Just look at the success of the Disney theme parks for example. These places are an 'escape', and are even marketed as 'magical' places to 'get away from it all.'

So with your magic shows too, the entertainment you provide can have a very positive effect on people. However, as mentioned, there's a way of enhancing that effect even further - by using comedy in your magic.

Before you go on your way however, simply telling every joke you can think of during your next performance, you need to learn what to do and perhaps more importantly what not to do. Bad reputations spread fast, and we are sure you don't want to be known as someone who is 'trying to be funny.' Trying to be funny and forcing jokes in to your act will be the kiss of death for your show.

First and foremost before being funny, is to remember that the magic itself must be baffling. The comedy, even in a full blown comedy magic act must always be secondary to the bewilderment.

Also bear in mind that many performers claim that they are performing 'comedy magic.' However, when a trick 'deliberately' goes wrong, there is no magic, it is only comedy, not magic. If on the other hand a magician recites a set of jokes, and performs magic separately, that is not comedy magic either. 'Comedy Magic' is when the effect is funny AND baffling.

Your magic can provide an escape, just like Disney theme parks!

Here's an important wealth warning:

Underestimating the value of comedy can seriously damage your earning potential!

Every magic act should consider using some comedy elements, even if you have or plan to have a serious act. In such an act, it provides a contrast to the drama that the serious performer is offering. Yes, if you want your audiences, no matter how large or small to be enthralled at your magic, comedy is a very desirable element.

The problem with most magic acts is that they do not have 'light and shade.' There offerings are performed at the same pace from beginning to end. Most illusion acts for example come on stage and present an illusion that is absolutely mind blowing, and then they do something else that is absolutely mind blowing, and something else, and something else, and so on until the audience is 'burnt out!'

The result of this relentless pace, even in otherwise good acts is, in theatrical terms a lesser performance, and it will get a lessening reaction as the show progresses. Yes, it is desirable to ease the tension occasionally, and it is desirable to show that you have a more human side. Comedy, however slight, performs this function admirably.

If your show is a full blown comedy performance however, then the opposite should occur to what we just described. A moment of true wonder or bafflement, performed quite seriously adds enormously to a comedy based show.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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