Cut and restored rope

Although this wasn't done in the video, it is important to hold your hands so that the audience views the front of your hand when you roll the rope around your hand. This is so that the audience has a restricted view of this process -you don't want them to see that the knot is not on the rope as you wind it around your hand.

An alternative to the wand is to use a little glitter. Say, "now as I roll this rope up, I need some special magical dust." You reach inside your pocket, dump the knot, bring out the glitter and sprinkle a little over the fist that holds the rope. As a joke, you could say, "I need to be careful not to use too much, as I might get tinsellitus!"

One other point to note is that when sometimes help to trim the stub ends a too much if the knot is large.

you make the knot in the middle, it bit, as they sometimes stick out a little

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