Crayon Choice

Here is a nice patter line for this trick: "In Russia, they started to investigate psychic phenomena, and some of the scientists were badly fooled by magicians. Let's do an experiment today. Here we have four coloured objects, red, green, yellow, and blue. I'm going to turn around, and now please place one of these colours into my fingertips." As you turn around and face the audience, that's the moment when you scrape a little colour onto your thumb."

If you work with a partner or accomplice, you can create a nice add-on to this effect. With your back to the audience, you ask another spectator to take one of the remaining colours, and repeat this process for all the remaining colours, so you have three spectators all with crayons hidden from the view of the magician. Note that you must know approximately where the spectators with the crayons are seated.

You have arranged a pre-selected order of the colours with your accomplice. For example, red, yellow, green, blue. Your accomplice then signals to you where each crayon is, in the order of spectators 1,2, and 3. The sequence of the colours ALWAYS stays the same,

Say, "Now, I know that out here, there are three people with different colours." At this point the confederate signals to you where the first available colour is in the audience, in position one, two or three. You work out the signals with them beforehand, but it can be something as simple as hand movements to represent position one, two or three.

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