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Welcome back again for another packed instalment to guide you along your way as you develop into an expert magician, making money from magic.

Let's establish what we have learnt so far. We have reviewed how to find magic, how to learn magic, and we've examined the types of magic that are available. We've also considered some of the practical elements to setting up your business. Additionally, we've prepared you psychologically to develop the belief in yourself that is so important to your success.

By this time you should be starting to get a feel for what type of magic you prefer performing, so we'll also examine the process of putting acts together. We'll review the elements involved in producing shows of your own, from a small family and friend's party right through to a stage show. You are going to really enjoy discovering some of these 'tricks of the trade.' All these points will save you the pain of doing it the wrong way.

Notice that we referred to acts and shows in the plural form. This is deliberate because we truly believe that you should be interested in putting more than one show or act together. In order to get the most work, you need to have more than one type of show.

As an element of this module, we'll also focus on a secret 'weapon' of magic. Actually, it's not really a weapon, it's a tool, which if used correctly will enhance your act immeasurably.

So what is this secret tool? It's the use of Comedy!

If you don't think you are 'funny' at the moment, or even don't want to be, don't worry. You will see how comedy can be a tremendous tool to all magic performers.

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  • Sydney Russell
    I also experienced stage anxiety for many years.Once stage fright comes back I remind my self of this: In case you are making a speech, make sure comprehend the topic well. Know the points that might come up from the audience and note the answers you could provide to those questions.
    6 years ago

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