Comedy is No Joke

Here is the bad news: you will have to work hard at learning to combine comedy and magic. Again, let's consider Paul's experience concerning this.

Anybody who has seen Paul Daniels performing magic will have spent an evening of laughter, but they will also have been completely baffled with powerful magic effects.

Interestingly, Paul was a shy, quiet youth, even on into his twenties. He could tell jokes, as most people can, but definitely not to a semi-professional level. When he moved from the ranks of amateur magician into the clubs of the day however, his ten minute silent magic act (to 'rock 'n' roll' music) had to be extended, so Paul started to talk!

He soon realised in that arena of the clubs that the comedians were earning more than the singers. He also took a good look at himself, his height, his looks, and his stocky body, and chose to go down a comedy route in magic, rather than the more usual restrained style of magicians of that time.

Paul worked at it. He worked hard. Interestingly, it was never Paul's intention to be as saturated in comedy as he has become, he merely wanted to create contrasts within the magic to make a lighter performance. Sometimes, circumstances lead you in another direction and it's better to go with that flow.

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