Choose a Comedy Style that You are Comfortable with

Consult with some trusted friends about how they view your sense of humour. Ask them detailed questions to get the real truths rather than accepting their first response which may be what they think you want to hear. As you go about your daily routine, try to discover what sort of things make you laugh. What are your favourite comedy T.V. shows? Who are your favourite comedians? What makes you laugh?

That kind of evaluation will help you choose a style that you are comfortable with. Be careful though, because even if you enjoy a type of comedy, it doesn't always follow that you will be good at it, that's why you need to ask people close to you what they think you would be good at.

Have you started to realise yet that what we are saying to you is not to accept the status quo, don't ever accept a normal level of competency in magic? Study every aspect of the performance and yourself. Take stock of yourself by using every possible means of self evaluation. You have to be totally aware of what and who you are to build yourself into someone better.

Remember that magic is all about acting, so the purpose of the exercise is to 'cast' you in the right role, in order to be convincing and entertaining using and developing all of your natural characteristics.

Let's now review some full blown comedy act styles, to see how humour can be used in a variety of ways, and to give you some initial ideas for your own shows. See what appeals from the following suggestions.

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