We thought we should include a few comments about catchphrases, as it's a related area of comedy. The value of catchphrases is undisputed, but you must realise that in our opinion a great catchphrase can't be written.

Mr Sid Daniels (no relation to Paul) performed under the name Sir Dani on the radio, in the wartime. He used a comic pseudo Italian accent, often chopping the ends off his words. To reassure the audience, he used to say "don't be fright'" and this became his catchphrase. The whole nation seemed to use it yet no one could have ever predicted that phrase would catch on to the extent it did! Even Sir Dani had no idea this phrase would catch on, but it just happened - that's what the audience picked up on.

At one of his club performances, Paul Daniels had a man shout out, "I don't like your suit!" Paul replied, "that's a shame, because I like yours not a lot, but I like it!" And that's how Paul's catchphrase started.

If you 'find' a catchphrase that sticks, lucky you, but as we said, it's our view that they can't be written!

We have already started to look at some of the specifics of how you can be successful in magic where many others have failed, but it is an expansive subject, and in the section that follows we are going to develop and expand on some of the techniques we have touched on already, as well as to look at some new aspects of performing that you can use to good effect.

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