Build Interest

The middle section of your show is where you perform the majority of your effects, with variety in order to sustain interest. There should be a steady build up of effects, each one building on the last in terms of audience reaction.

Successful songwriters follow the same format - because it works. They like to use a strong, attention grabbing introduction that makes you want to listen, and then the arrangement continually builds interest, adding instruments or musical parts as the song progresses. So too with a magic act, it should develop interest as it goes along, not lose it!

It's also important that the show flows well, particularly being careful to avoid gaps or holes in the performance. This is true regardless of the scale of the show.

Be careful not to use similar looking effects, even though the method may be different. Audiences don't want to see variations on a theme, they want each effect or illusion to be very different. An obvious example would be not to do two similar card tricks in a row, unless there is a powerful reason for doing so.

Something else that will help you put together a show is to visualise it in your mind, as if you were watching yourself performing it. That might sound a bit strange, but you will be amazed how helpful it can be.

You will be forced to 'see' how you introduce yourself, the structure of the show, and the potential audience reactions. Do not 'see' your show in general terms. See it in your minds eye in great detail. Imagine that you are in the audience - where would you be looking at any given moment, what would you be looking at?

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