Audiences are all Different

Whatever comedy elements you use should be presented according to an understanding of the type of audience, because all audiences are different. Once you start to perform, you will be amazed at how differently people react to the same routines. This of course, depends on all sorts of factors.

Remember, it's not just age groups that differ, but different areas of the country and different nationalities also have wildly different views of what they consider to be amusing. Additionally, if one or two in an audience are particularly lively, they can influence everyone else, laughter can be contagious.

As an example of different audience reactions to comedy, some nationalities prefer 'visual' comedy, when the performer 'accidentally' drops things, falls over, messes up the magic etc. This is especially true of children - for some reason they love visual comedy, even slapstick style. Adult audiences tend to prefer a more slick presentation with witty comedy and intelligent humour.

So how do you, the humble magician cope with all these varieties? Well, it's simply not practical to have a different act for every type of audience you might come across, nor should you attempt that. But if you are aware of what you are likely to face, you can make small adjustments. You will build up experience in this regard very quickly.

A useful tip when taking your show to a new area of the country (where the accent is different) is to speak at a slow to medium pace for the first five minutes or so, until the audience have got used to the sound of your voice and accent. That way, they won't miss what you are saying at the start of the show.

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