Amazing Word Prediction

Otherwise known as the centre tear, this trick can be performed anywhere. The first thing about this trick that is important is, before you take out the piece of paper you say to the spectator, "In a moment, I'm going to ask you to think of a word. It needs to be fairly short. Sometimes people's minds tend to flit between all sorts of words, and so I have drawn a circle of concentration."

That piece of preamble gets over any suspicion of the circle.

Pre-fold the paper in halves, to aid the spectator in understanding how to fold it properly.

Have an ashtray, with an insulated pad underneath to take the heat away, because you are going to burn the paper over it. Be prepared with a box of matches, and with several squares of paper with the circles drawn on them, already in the ashtray. You will use one of these pieces of paper.

Once you have talked about the circle of concentration, you point to the pieces of paper and invite the spectator to take one of the pieces. Say, "print your word inside the circle of concentration, and I want you to print it, because it will make it clearer in your mind." This is a very helpful point, because you know that you will be then able to read their writing!

Invite the spectator to fold the paper. Ask if they have done that. Ask them to fold it again in half. Take the piece of paper, and immediately hold it above your head. Say, "I cannot possibly know what this word is, can I? Now, concentrate on your word. Is it clearly in mind? Right, well we don't need this paper anymore." As you say this, casually tear the paper up. Sprinkle the torn pieces into the ashtray. In the same movement, turn away from the spectator and say, "now, pick up the matches and set light to the paper in the ashtray."

With your back turned, you have ample opportunity to read the word within the circle, whilst the attention of the audience is focused on the flames.

Say, "now concentrate on your word, and look into the flames, imagining the word rising up into the flames." You get the idea, you then of course reveal the word.

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