Pros and Cons of Performing for Kids

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It's true to say that children can be some of the most appreciative audiences, but they can also be some of the most difficult to handle.

We often hear magicians lamenting about terrible experiences they have had during kids shows, and that's sad to hear, but there is no doubt that one of the keys to success in this field is control. If you can control the kids correctly from the first moment you meet them, you really are half way there. Proper control at the outset means that they will normally behave for the duration of the show. More about that in a moment...

So why do some magicians struggle to cope with kids? Usually, there are a number of reasons. Firstly, they don't lay the groundwork before they arrive -they don't state what they need, they don't find out the average ages of the children, and so on.

Secondly, from the moment of their arrival when they meet the parents, they are not positive in their attitude. This does not mean being demanding or conceited, but simply a positive, confident attitude.

(Or they they think they do - stay in control - it's crucial to your success!

Thirdly, they have not taken the trouble to be smart and clean, both in themselves and in the props they are going to use, which should also be suitable and attractive to all ages. If you find that last comment a bit strange, what we mean is that it is no good having items on your performance area if the parents don't understand them, and vice versa.

To be a children's entertainer is a job, and you need to pay as much care and attention to it as if you were the CEO of a major company. Fail in any of the areas we have just stated above, and you WILL be in trouble.

If we were to sum up the main factor to dwell on when preparing and presenting a kids show it would be this:

Throughout everything that happens, you must be the nice guy! Remember too, as with all magic, the content of your show is nowhere near as important as you are. It's YOU that counts.

Lets now consider: how are children different to adults?

Children often have a short attention span, they tend to fidget and like to shout out when they feel like it. They will also sometimes run up and grab your props if they get the opportunity.

Have a positive, quietly confident attitude.

A sample of what you are competing against!

Added to that, they now have so many high-tech distractions in their lives such as video games, the Internet, DVD movies etc, that only a well prepared and structured show, tailored to their age group will capture their interest. Anything else and it's an uphill struggle.

A sample of what you are competing against!

You'll be pleased to know that you are going to discover how to perform for kids in a way that works every time. You'll be 100% in control, you'll get lots of repeat bookings, and even more referrals. Does that sound good? Great! Let's now examine the main elements to include in every kids show you perform.

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