The Magic Business

by Michael Bailey

Available from: Price: £50.00 (Post Free)

There are very few areas of commercial magic which still retain a certain mystique, but I would suggest that Trade Show work is one of them. Performing magic at exhibitions and trade events as a crowd drawing and message reinforcing tool is rightly considered to be one of the more difficult sides of our art to master, and there are still relatively few magicians who have made a big success from it.

One of the most celebrated trade show magicians over the last 30+ years is Michael Bailey. Starting out his working life in advertising, he gradually turned his magical skills to corporate events, and from 1971 onwards, earned an increasingly good living from this type of specialised work. When the original version of The Magic Business was published in 1998, it caused a huge stir. Here, probably for the first time, a trade show magician was lifting the lid on exactly how to work corporate events. In over 300 pages Michael Bailey explained everything that an aspiring trade show worker needed to know to have a chance of making it in the tough world of exhibition events, and the book rightly received huge plaudits from all quarters.

The book has been out of print for some time now, but fortunately Peter Scarlett has now released an E-Book version of the original work thus making it available again for today's magicians. Supplied on one disc as a pdf file, The Magic Business E-Book package comprises of the book itself plus 4 Windows Media Player video files for you to watch. The disc contains hyperlinked indexes in the Bookmark tab to help you to get around the disc, but I suspect that most people will just sit and read it from cover to cover at the outset. Michael writes in a very engaging and entertaining way - he manages to put across his points modestly and yet with great authority - and despite the fact that the book is so long and will undoubtedly require several reading sessions to get through it all, no one who is even slightly interested in this subject will find it boring or long winded.

The price may raise an eyebrow or two, but I for one feel that such important and valuable real world information should be valued, and that means it should come at a premium price. If nothing else, the cost should ensure that the information only falls into the hands of those who genuinely wish to learn, rather than the merely casual. >>



Each disc is personalised to the buyer by Peter Scarlett and is delivered post free to anywhere in the world. This work is an outstanding treatise on trade show magic and should be essential reading for anyone seeking to get involved with corporate events, and for those who missed the original book release, this is an excellent opportunity to obtain all of Michael's vital information. ML

WHAT'S HOT: extremely thorough expose of trade show work WHAT'S NOT: maybe the price to some potential buyers STAR RATING: *****

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Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

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