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Produced World Magic Shop

Available from: Price: £17.99

'It's cool to fool with the old school' is the strapline that has been given to ZED+, World Magic Shop's Z-fold wallet and I couldn't agree more.

I'd forgotten how much fun I've had over the years with the version of this wallet that I purchased many years ago.

For those of you that don't know what a Z-fold wallet is, it is also known as a switching wallet, because that is exactly what it does.

By either turning the wallet secretly upside down or opening it on opposite sides, whichever you prefer, you can exchange, vanish, make things appear and much more...

Here are a few ideas that the ZED+ can be used for (as listed on World Magic Shop's website):

• Secretly exchange two cards in your wallet;

• Swap-out written billets;

• Exchange almost any flat object, including sugar packets, credit cards, business cards;

• Make items appear—or disappear;

• Create drawings or words to appear on blank pieces of paper;

• Exchange bank notes;

• Finish clean after packet effects;

The ZED+ wallet has been manufactured from the best Italian leather making it look and handle really nicely.

As most people who have purchased this type of wallet before will know, there are some really poor quality versions available and usually you have to pay a pretty high retail price for a decent one. So at just £17.99 (approx $36.00) the ZED+ is a great buy.

The main problem I've encountered with Z-fold wallets in the past (although a minor point) is they are not always folded squarely, meaning that you can see the flap on the other side when the wallet is placed on a table. Not with ZED+ though, it's folded really well so there's nothing to worry about on that score.

The wallet comes nicely packaged in a box and it also comes with a FREE trick and specially printed card, on Bicycle stock, to get you started - Jazzy Joker, and if you're still not satisfied they've even thrown in a matching Bicycle deck.

If you are looking for a new switching wallet, at a reasonable price, the ZED+ could be for you. PS

WHAT'S HOT: Nicely made at a good price

WHAT'S NOT: The wallet could be slightly smaller. STAR RATING: ****

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