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Produced Big Blind Media

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Mention the name 'McBride' to anyone interested in magic and they'll instantly assume you're talking about the legend that is Jeff McBride.

Well not any more. Now there's a new McBride on the block - George McBride, and he's brought to us by the guys who seem to be able to do no wrong, Big Blind Media.

Emerging from the Glasgow underground scene, where he earned his reputation and the respect of some of the top names in magic, George has teamed up with the BBM gang to produce a DVD with some cracking card magic on it.

Here's a list of what effects are on this DVD: Ace de Triomphe, Bar Room Blues, Cutting the Aces, Double Swap Sandwich, Open Assembly, Reversal of Fortune, Immediate Ace Spelling, Hotel Mystery, Discrepancy Assembly, Flight Path and Triola.

Here's how a selection of them go. 'Bar Room Blues' is a great colour changing deck routine that starts off with three freely chosen cards from a red backed deck. Each one is shown individually only to instantly change to a blue backed card. After all three selections have changed colour the rest of the deck changes to red. This is a relatively easy routine to master although George performs this seated at a table so one of the transformations will need altering if you plan to perform this in the hands. It is possible though.

'Immediate Ace Spelling' completely baffled me when I saw it performed for the first time. The deck is handed to a spectator, Dave Forrest in this case, to be shuffled. Then on return, an ace is spelled to, and guess what, it's the correct ace. The occurs twice more with two more aces, then the final ace is spelled to by the spectator. Cracking! Even watching the explanation I was baffled as was Owen Packard who accompanies George in all the explanations. To quote Owen regarding one of the sleights George utilises in this effect "that makes me feel sick'. Me too! You'll have to watch it to see what I mean.

'Flight Path' I think has to be my favourite from this volume and I think that most of you who also watch this will be grabbing for the double sided tape and scalpel to make the simple gimmick needed, immediately. The basic effect is simple. The four aces are each signed by a spectator and one by one travel

to George's jacket pocket with incredible ease. This really is a belter. You are even left clean at the end - what more could you ask for?

I don't think there's actually one bad effect on this DVD, in my opinion. Every one of the eleven card miracles presented here is really usable.

And, if you're not satisfied with the eleven effects, there's even a bonus sleight on there too - Twist Shift. This is definitely worth a viewing. Even when you see how this shift is done it's still virtually invisible.

As usual, BBM have done a great job with the DVD's visual appearance. The menu graphics are really nice making navigation of the disk a breeze.

This is a great first DVD from George and another top job from the 'New Force in Magic Media'. Highly recommended! PS

WHAT'S HOT: Cracking card material that you will use. WHAT'S NOT: Nothing I can think of STAR RATING: *****

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